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Top Tips If You Are Working Abroad (2)

Working Abroad or Living Abroad? If you are simply going to go and live abroad then this will mean that you have got fewer considerations than going to be working abroad.  The ‘work’ aspect of the move will create several extra hurdles which could include. Work visas and permits.  Your new employer should be able

5 Tips for Preparing to Relocate to China

Preparing to relocate to China, for the majority of people, is a richly rewarding experience, and with the right preparation and knowledge you can face the challenge with confidence. To help you, here are five useful tips in preparing for your move. Make the Most of Your Look-See Visit If your move is being handled

Top Tips If You Are Moving Abroad (1)

Just going abroad for a few short weeks holiday can be stressful enough so just imagine how much more stress will be created if you decide to relocate and go to live abroad. Here at Vital Documents we have a bit of experience that we can share to help to guide you through the minefield

Why We Stored Our Personal Documents

If anyone had told me that storing my personal documents away from the home was a good idea I would never have believed them.  I suppose it was something that I had never even considered. Why would I store them elsewhere? However, a little over a year ago my husband got a new job abroad

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