Good Reasons For Storing Important Documents Safely

Good Reasons For Storing Important Documents Safely

Important documents have a habit of being ‘mislaid’ just when you need them in a hurry – this is despite you thinking they were put it back in their ‘safe’ place the last time you had them.

Yes, even I am guilty of this. It was once my passport and the day I had mislaid it was the day I was going away. Fortunately the lost was found just in time.

However, it is generally when events like this happen that we reevaluate our storage ‘safe’ places.  Really, we should be considering the stress, inconvenience and expense of replacing important documents long before they go missing.

Incidentally, did you realise just how costly or time consuming it is to replace any important documents?

  • Birth certificate £24.95
  • Wills – possibly up to £100 and may need a visit to the solicitor or will writer
  • Deeds – you will need to contact the land registry just for starters
  • Insurance documents – you will most probably need your birth certificate to identify yourself initially so, if that is lost too … oh dear!
  • Lasting power of attorney – at least £100 and what a lot of forms to complete
  • Not to mention all the time spent on telephone calls, letter writing, and finding out of ‘what to do next’.

Life in the 21st century is stressful and bureaucratic enough without any additional yet avoidable incidents.

A Solution To Your Own ‘Safe Places’ for Important Documents

important documentsOne very good idea is to keep all the ‘important stuff’ in one safe place. Safe enough to be theft proof, fire proof and flood proof, yet still be accessible for when needed in the future.

Here at Vital Documents we offer a very unique service for secure document storage. We are able to do this because, being based in former bank premises we have a real bank vault. The vault is police monitored, fire and flood proof.

To add a further level of security to the service, clients are able to see at a glance exactly which of their important documents are being stored.  Not only that, all documents held in physical form are available as electronic copies online 24 hours per day.

If the originals are needed at any time you simply need to contact our team and they will be sent to you or forwarded to any of your professionals on your behalf.

The new document storage service is quite unlike any other storage service being offered today and is a valuable resource for everyone. However, particular groups who this may appeal to more than others are expats who prefer to leave important UK documents back home in a very safe place and also those who have responsibility for the affairs of elderly relatives

Read what some of our happy clients have to say about us just here

Take a look at the different service plans that are available and see which one suits you.

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