Innovative new solution to the problem of loss, theft & damage of personal documents

Innovative new solution to the problem of loss, theft & damage of personal documents

Matt Lawless - VD

Every year, thousands of documents are lost or damaged at home due to fire, flood, theft or wayward children/pets. The consequences of not having essential documents readily available can be catastrophic. A new and innovative solution from Vital Documents solves these issues by providing a safe place to house personal documents, whilst remaining easy to access both physically and electronically.

In a world of digital technology, many people are aware of the need to protect themselves, and their information, online. Yet most completely overlook the importance of the safekeeping of important original documents. Wills, Deeds, Birth & Marriage Certificates to name but a few must be kept safe. And only the originals will do. Replacing these essential documents when lost or stolen can be difficult, expensive and time consuming.

The problem is often compounded by the continuing rise in identity fraud cases across the UK. With the average identity fraud incidents now reaching £1,076 according to research by Fellowes, the cost of ignorance is substantial.

Vital Documents specialises in the protection of personal documents and is based in a former bank with their own vault. Their premises are fully insured and police monitored 24 hours a day, every day. Twinned within a secured self-service online platform, for the effective management of documents stored within the facility, the service marries both physical and electronic security for the protection of individuals’ documents.

“Company documents are regularly stored away from the office, but no-one seems to be looking after the general public.” Managing Director Matt Lawless continues: “My background spans both IT security and personal document handling – Vital Documents is the natural combination of the two.”

For more information visit or call 0333 122 8175.


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