Why We Stored Our Personal Documents

Why We Stored Our Personal Documents

If anyone had told me that storing my personal documents away from the home was a good idea I would never have believed them.  I suppose it was something that I had never even considered.

Why would I store them elsewhere?

However, a little over a year ago my husband got a new job abroad so this meant that we all had to relocate to the UAE.  The move itself was stressful but thanks to the professional staff at http://www.vitallegalisation.co.uk/ our essential legal paperwork was very efficiently processed.

Once living in the UAE it very quickly became apparent that we were sending our valuable personal documents back to the UK on a regular basis and not only that being in temporary accommodation we did not have the same secure storage we enjoyed back home in the UK.  Items were forever getting lost or misplaced.

We realised that if any of our documents were to go missing or get lost that this would create a lot of stress, expense and wasted time.  Also , just the fact that we were not back in the UK would add another layer of stress to the situation.

So, we took the decision to send our essential documents such as wills, deeds, certificates, power of attorney etc. back to the UK for safe storage at www.vitaldocuments.co.uk

We now have total peace of mind as we know:

  • Exactly where the important documents are.
  • They are safe in a fireproof, police monitored and fully insured bank vault.
  • We have 24 hours access to scanned copies of all documents held for us.
  • If the documents need forwarding to insurance companies etc. then this is done quickly from within the UK and with our authorisation.

Document storage is a new and very novel service that fills a need many people may not even realise they have and we thank the staff at Vital Documents for providing us with such an efficient service to give us peace of mind.

Jayne and Michael Taylor – Dubai

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