Top Tips If You Are Moving Abroad (1)

Top Tips If You Are Moving Abroad (1)

Just going abroad for a few short weeks holiday can be stressful enough so just imagine how much more stress will be created if you decide to relocate and go to live abroad.

Here at Vital Documents we have a bit of experience that we can share to help to guide you through the minefield of  ‘things to do before you leave the shores of blighty’ and here are just a few to get you started.

Points to Consider for Moving Abroad

  • Make sure that your passports are all up to date and preferably with several years left to run before they need renewing.
  • Make sure that you have got all of your vital certificate such as birth and marriage certificates, UK qualifications and professional memberships etc.  if any are missing then order replacements from Vital Certificates as soon as possible to minimise delays.
  • You may need residency visas and other certification required to rent/buy property.  Getting good legal advice on this is essential and your new employer should be able to help with this.
  • What local paperwork is required to use the utilities companies of the host country?  For example in the UAE you need to have your residency visas before you can rent a home and sign up for electric and water suppliers.  If this is not all in place then time can be wasted in waiting for documents to be issued.
  • Insurance for medical, personal, property etc.  These can be very expensive and it pays to get good advice and to know in advance exactly what your options and requirements are.  If you are moving abroad within the EU as a minimum you will need the European Health Card.
  • Make sure you do homework regarding customs and laws in the new country.  What may be acceptable here in the UK may not be so in other countries.
  • What are the requirements for a bank account in the new country?  How do you propose to move UK funds into the new account and have you taken into consideration the fluctuations of currencies?  If you are working are you being paid in local currencies or GBP?
  • Are you intending driving a car abroad – if you are hoping to take your own car with you then what paperwork needs completing in advance of the move? Does your UK driving licence qualify you to drive where you are going?
  • If you have got any pets how are you going to take them with you or who will be responsible for them once you have gone?
  • If you have children then you will need to consider new schools.  There are plenty of English/International schools but bear in mind that you will need to live fairly close to the ones you prefer.

To be continued …..

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