Top Tips If You Are Working Abroad (2)

Top Tips If You Are Working Abroad (2)

Working Abroad or Living Abroad?

If you are simply going to go and live abroad then this will mean that you have got fewer considerations than going to be working abroad.  The ‘work’ aspect of the move will create several extra hurdles which could include.

  • Work visas and permits.  Your new employer should be able to help to guide you through this process.  In order to do this for both yourself and anyone relocating with you your UK passport will need to be current and valid.
  • Legalisation of your british qualifications and certificates which thankfully expert companies such as Vital Legalisation can guide you through every step of the way.  This includes your degrees, diplomas, professional qualifications and memberships amongst others.  Working abroad will mean that these UK qualifications need verifying.
  • If you have school age children moving with you then the proximity of good local schools will be something to consider when looking for an area to live.  There are some excellent british international schools but these do come at a cost and you need to be very clear on who will be meeting this expense

Things to consider before you leave the UK

  • Are you selling your UK property, leaving it vacant or renting it out?  Whichever of these options you choose will mean enlisting the services of someone back home to deal with the sale or day to day management of this for you.
  • Do you intend taking all of your belongings with you or are you leaving some back home?  If you are leaving some then how and where do you intend storing them?
  • Do you need to take all of your important UK documents with you?  Some documents such as wills, deeds, some insurance documents and any documents you may store for elderly relatives.  These may not be required as part of the move but, never the less, need storing safely.  These small volume items are exactly the sort of thing that can easily go missing during a move and are very costly and time consuming to replace.  Not only that, due to the fact that they are not really needed very often it can be months down the line before you notice that they are missing and this is usually the time when you need them most.  All very inconvenient and stressful and can be avoided by storing them safely and securely away from the home.  Here at Vital Documents we have a brand new service which is exactly for the storage of important personal documents, take a look just here.

Whilst this list is by no means exhaustive it is just designed to start you thinking about the various aspects of your move for working abroad so that when the time actually comes you will be well informed and well prepared and be in a position to enjoy your new life away from the shores of the UK

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