Vital Documents – How Much Are Replacements?

Vital Documents – How Much Are Replacements?

Ok, lets just have a quick poll shall we?

Hold up your hand if you know exactly where all of these important documents are right now

• Birth certificate
• Marriage certificate (if you have one that is)
• House deeds
• Insurance documents and policies
• Power of attorney (if you have this set up)
• Your last will and testament
• Any other important documents or legal papers that need to be kept in a safe place
• Similar documents that belong to the other occupants of the house
• Similar documents belonging to any elderly relatives you may be responsible for

The chances are you will know where some or maybe all of them are. The chances are that these will not necessarily all be together in one place. The chances also are that these ‘safe’ places are not as safe as they might be in terms of being fire/flood/theft proof.

Do you have any idea of how much these documents will cost in terms of time and money if you need to replace them?

Ok, well take a look just here.

• Birth and marriage certificates are £24.95 each from Vital Certificates
• To replace house deeds you will need to contact the land registry
• Insurance documents you will need to contact your insurance provider and more than likely will need to produce your birth certificate to prove who you are.
• Lasting power of attorney costs over £100 to register the form and if you decided to have a solicitor fill in the forms for you it then the costs will be substantial
• Last will and testament can cost anywhere from approx. £150 to £300 each
• Certificates such as degrees and diplomas etc. will be difficult to replace and time consuming and yet again you may need to produce your birth certificate to prove who you are.

Just imagine how much inconvenience it would be to replace just a couple of these for just 1 person and then multiply it by the number of residents in your home.

If any of these vital documents got destroyed or lost we can bet that you would be thinking – ‘should have gone to Vital Documents’

Take a look just here at the service packages available for document storage and see just how cost effective it is to store documents safely and with total peace of mind

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