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Vital Documents brings a friendly, accessible and professional approach to the life and after death support sector. As part of the Vital Group, which has been handling legal documentation since 2006, we have the expertise and the know-how to ensure nobody gets left behind when it comes to life and death planning.

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Vital Documents helps you protect your loved ones

Making sure their loved ones are protected tops a list of concerns for many, yet it’s one of the tasks that people often don’t get around to doing. When it comes to wills, LPA’s and trusts, most people either:

  • Don’t know where to start, or…
  • Aren’t sure which service is right for them.

But why is that? Most will websites are filled with unnecessary legal jargon which make even simple things seem complex, making it impossible to find the service that fits your needs.

We started Vital Documents with the aim of offering personal and friendly support and demystifying complicated paperwork, making life and after death services easy to access for everyone. However simple or complicated your needs, we’re here to ensure no one gets left behind.

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We’re serious about data security.

At Vital Documents we are committed to maintaining the highest standards in privacy and personal data protection in accordance with good industry practice.

We employ multiple layers of security controls, and your personal data is protected by the latest industry standard data systems. You can be confident of complete privacy and security when we handle any of your personal data and information.

Simplifying the paperwork

We’re all too aware of how complicated these processes can seem, especially if your situation isn’t particularly straightforward. That’s why we decided to apply our long-standing expertise, along with our honest, friendly and approachable ethos to the wills, trusts and LPA sector.

The most important thing to us is that you’re able to make a fully informed decision. No small print. No hidden costs. No blinding you with science. By simplifying your options and making them easy to understand, we take on all of the complexities so you don’t have to.

Focusing on what’s important

For us, it’s all about giving people the reassurance that something is legally sound and done right, first time. When you’re investing your time and money, you want to know that everything is done professionally and will be fit for purpose. Even if you don’t choose to use our services, we’d be more than happy if we were able to help you find the right path for you.

If you do decide to use Vital Documents, you can be reassured that every customer is treated as an individual and will receive as much or as little support as you require. We offer self-serve online options as well as a tailor-made service to ensure you get the service that’s right for your personal circumstances.

Why choose Vital Documents?


Speak to a real person when it suits you, how it suits you.


We offer both online and bespoke wills, so you can choose which you prefer.


Peace of mind that you’re dealing with industry specialists.


Get as much aftercare as you need, we’re always here to advise.


Only pay for what you need, don’t spend extra on things you don’t.


We take the complexity out of paperwork and explain things in simple terms.

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Take control of your estate to make sure your wishes are carried out and your loved ones are protected upon your death.



Take control of your assets by putting them in a Trust, and only giving access to an appointed guardian.



Take control of your future should anything happen to you, by determining who is able to make decisions on your behalf.


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