Declan Ramsden

Declan Ramsden

Declan is a Content Creator at Vital Documents! He studied English Literature for 4 years before joining the company. Outside of work, he enjoys listening to retro music and reading classic novels – particularly Charles Dickens!

The rules of intestacy are changing!

I’ve got some exciting news for you – as of 26th July 2023, the rules of intestacy have changed. Stop the presses! Don’t actually stop the presses, it’s not as exciting as it sounds. But it’s definitely worth knowing –…

TakeTen: Mel’s Volunteer Day

Mel, Stevie and Sarah smiling outside the TakeTen building

Community’s important, isn’t it? We reckon so, anyway. We’re committed to helping out in our local area however we can. Whether that’s supporting local businesses, volunteering for local charities, or just giving our neighbours a cup of sugar, we want…