The Benefits of Choosing a Member of The Society of Will Writers for Your Will

The Benefits of Choosing a Member of The Society of Will Writers for Your Will

Making your Will’s a big thing. Huge. You want to know that the company you choose is fully qualified. At Vital Documents, we understand that – that’s why we’re members of The Society of Will Writers! If you use us, you can be confident anything we prepare for you will be high quality and fit for purpose.


What is The Society of Will Writers?

The Society of Will Writers is an independent regulatory body who are highly respected in the legal sector, having been in operation for over 25 years. They vet all of their members and ensure the highest level of ethics and proficiency before admitting them to the Society.

The world of life planning and probate is forever changing and it’s extremely important to stay up-to-date on all of the latest legislation. Vital Documents undertakes ongoing training through the association to ensure that our products all comply with the latest requirements. You won’t catch us napping!

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What Are the Benefits to Our Customers?

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We’re independently assessed on our expertise and competence.

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Peace of mind that your Will is done right, first time.

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Clear and upfront pricing, always. No hidden charges or extras.

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High standards of security and confidentially at all times.

The body backed by the experts

Is the Society of Will Writers important when choosing a Will Writer? Well Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis thinks so. He recommends choosing a company who’s registered with the SOWW because they’ll have have agreed to follow the Society’s Codes of Practice, and should something go wrong, you’ve got someone to turn to.

Society members also have professional indemnity insurance so you know you’re fully protected. These are just a few reasons why Martin recommends choosing a Will Writers who are part of the SWW, but there’s many more. It gives you the peace of mind that you don’t get by using an online DIY service or by having a go at it yourself.

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How Do I Start My Will?

Bespoke Wills

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from £160

Our Bespoke Wills service is perfect if you’ve got more complex requirements or you’d like to build a trust into your Will. If you want a Bespoke Will, you’ll have a consultation with one of our Will writing specialists, who’ll double-check everything is covered. You’ll also receive advice on how to make the most of your assets. Your Will’s posted out to you once drafted – simple!

Additional Services

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from £60

As well as writing your Will, we can also help you build a Trust into your Bespoke Will if this is beneficial to you. This will help further protect your assets and give you more control over them in the long-term. We offer financial and health & welfare LPAs too, which deal with giving you and your loved ones protection and peace of mind while you’re still around.


  • Yep. It’s very common to name the executor of your Will as one of the beneficiaries. This is completely legal and won’t cause any complications in enacting your wishes. It’s all good!

  • You can either ask your executor to keep the original signed copy, or more commonly, have it placed in secure storage for safe keeping. Whatever option you choose, make sure that executors know where and how to access the Will. You don’t want to lose it!

  • Unfortunately, yes. Your Will might be contested if someone who expected to benefit from your Will doesn’t. Although this isn’t a common occurrence, you can take steps to avoid any confusion and upset by just talking to your friends and family about your Will. Let them know what to expect.

    It’s important that you seek expert guidance when creating your Will to make sure that all your wishes are clear and legally enactable.

  • Technically, anyone over 18 can be a witness. That being said, don’t choose a beneficiary of the Will as a witness. If a beneficiary witnesses the Will, they forfeit their claim. We also recommend not choosing a friend or family member because it might cause conflict. Try pick someone impartial!

  • If you create a Will and want all of your children to inherit, it’s important to make this clear. Don’t name some and leave others out (unless you explicitly want to). It’s a recipe for disaster, and it’ll probably end up being contested.

    When someone in the line of inheritance who should by rights receive a share isn’t specifically named, it could be ruled as a mistake and be legally overridden. If you want to formally disinherit a child or a direct family member, you’ll need to make this clear and give your reasoning in your Will.

  • Of course you can! Also, any gift is given tax relief if being donated to a registered charity. It’s a good way to support a cause you believe strongly in.

  • You can, but you need to let your executor know. Your Will might not be looked at until after the funeral. You’ll need to create an Additional Clauses section within your Bespoke Will and use this to provide any guidance for your funeral. Remember, however, that it isn’t legally binding and your wishes won’t necessarily happen.

  • Pretty much any time you go through a life-changing event, you might want to review your Will. Some changes in your situation can automatically revoke your previous Will and it could cause a right mess. Whatever changes occur, it’s good practice to check that your Will is still sound and make any necessary changes to ensure it’s still be legally binding.